Fight to Freedom- January 2014


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Wow did January fly by fast this year. I’m still in the midst of busy season at work with long hours and travel but the end is in sight and so in Mardi Gras in New Orleans. :) In terms of debt numbers January brought good news and bad.

The Good News

I PAID OFF ONE OF MY LOANS!!! I officially said goodbye to Sallie Mae in January with a final $175 payment. A benefit to not consolidating my loans is that I can pay them off one by one and enjoy the satisfaction of one less payment every time.

The Bad News

I didn’t start off my 2014 debt repayment as I hoped. While my numbers are a little disappointing, this month I finally bit the bullet and purchased new tires for my car. I have been putting this expense off for over a year and it was time. The shiny new tires on my little four door are the reason I was not able to start off my 2014 debt and my savings goals with a bang. That will have to be in February.


The Numbers

Jan 14 Stats

And my favorite graph that keeps me motivated month after month. My debt journey from the beginning is on My Debt page.

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 10.56.09 AM


-How did your January go? Any surprises come up?

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