Spooky Truths About My Debt-October Fright to Freedom Report

Happy Halloween!

money jar

I’m excited to enjoy my very first Halloween in New Orleans. Joe and I ordered a couples costume however, it didn’t arrive in the mail in time for us to wear this past weekend. We are planning to wear them out in the city this weekend and will be sure to share pictures.

Oct Stats Halloween Updated

 (I really enjoy the fun holiday options on Pic Monkey!)

The Downside

Taking a look at my debt this month, I’m a little disappointed in myself. I really wanted to step up my repayments at the end of the year and I just didn’t make that happen. I could say its because I went on vacation this month or that I am adjusting to my new bank and online payments system.  But those are just excuses.

The Upside

There are a few positives that I can be proud of on my fight to freedom right now.

-The first is that I have paid off almost $12,000 this year

-The second is that I will be paying off my car at the beginning of November. This is big for me as my car is my only consumer debt and I will so happy to own my car in full and drive without a monthly payment. I plan on this being not only the first but the last car loan I ever have (I can elaborate on that another time).

-I have knocked out over $30,000 total of my original $51,000 of debt in 2 years!!

Oct debt graph


 - What you are doing to celebrate Halloween? Do you have any spooky truths about your debt?

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