Cozumel Crusin

A Few Days on Open Waters

Last weekend we experienced our first cruise vacation! Joe and our other teacher friends have a fall break from school and everyone needed a few days away.

Being from the Midwest, cruises have never been an economical vacation options.  The cost of a flight to the port city and then the cost of the cruise itself have always put cruises in the same price range as other vacations.  Living in New Orleans, the cruise ship is only a 10 minute drive from home making it an easy and affordable getway (plus Carnival hasn’t had the best press lately adding to the lower price).

Our boat left Thursday afternoon and we spent Friday at sea, Saturday in Cozumel Mexico, and Sunday again at Sea.

boat 2

Carnival Cruise to Cozumel Mexico

Joe and Blair, dinner clothes

group at dinner 2

A Few Hours in (Hot) Paradise

When we arrived in Cozumel it was hot. Very hot. We spent the day at the national park located right on the Caribbean Sea. We even ate lunch at an open air restaurant right on the beach which was so pretty.

Beach Collage

everyone at state park 2

Joe and Blair waterfall 2


While at the park we splurged on an experience I have always wanted to do. Swim with the dolphins! We petted, kissed and swam with two dolphins and even glided across the water being pushed by our feet. I thought it was pretty darn amazing. We were lucky to only have our group in the water and had plenty of time to do many of the tricks with the dolphins twice.

After we left the dolphin enclosure we also stopped in and fed lettuce to the two large manatees that the park has. They were adorable as they took the lettuce with their cute faces and used their fins like hands to push it into their mouth.


The only downside was that we were not allowed to take our own pictures. The facility photographer took some priceless good and hysterically bad pictures. However at $37 for a single and $170 for all of them, they were not in the budget.

Overall we had a great time. I don’t know if we will take a cruise again. It was nice for not worrying about logistics and just relaxing and laying out. I still think I prefer to travel by exploring a new place on my own, getting a little bit lost, chatting and observing locals, and enjoying the local culture and food.


-Have you ever been on a cruise? How did you like the experience?

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