I’m A Road Warrior

on an airplane, flying on plane, airplane

I have mentioned it briefly on the blog before, but I haven’t elaborated on my regular schedule. The pictures above have now become my regular Monday morning view on my commute to work. With my move to Louisiana and transfer of my job, came a transition to frequent business travel.  What do I mean by frequent? Well, I just spent the last 7 weeks straight commuting out of state for work. The amount I travel various by month. For instance, I now have a number of weeks of staying closer to home (which means the apartment cleaning and decorating can continue!).  I believe that every job has its challenges/opportunities and this happens to be my new one.

Since my new arrangement, some people have awed and said how lucky I am for the opportunity to travel at the expense of my company. Others have expressed an understanding of how tiring and difficult it can be. Still beyond learning the ins and outs of airport security, packing like a pro, and applying makeup on airplanes, the experience thus far has produced some unexpected lessons.

1)    Mindfulness of my time. The added hours of travel along with the office have made me realize how limited time really is. Especially the time I have to myself outside of work.

2)    A new appreciation for minimalism. I now spend a significant amount of time living out of only a small carry on suitcase and work tote bag.

3)    Awareness of my priorities. For my personal priorities to succeed then I have to realize the importance of proper planning and personal accountability.

4)    Gratefulness for my friends and family. Travel results in a lot of time to myself with my own thoughts. I don’t particularly mind the alone time, yet it has made me so much more appreciative of the relationships that I have in my life.


-What challenges does your job include? Do you find that you have learned something about yourself from you job?

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