14 Goals of 2014

2014 Goals

We are already a solid week into 2014 and I’m finally solidifying my goals for this year. I try to pick goals that are measurable and push me both personally and financially. While I only set 10 goals in 2013, this year I have 14 to go along with the year. I always say that life may bring surprises and I may experience completely different things this year than the list below. But, I love to plan and focus on positive changes and I will be checking in each quarter on this list below.

1. Increase Emergency Fund by $4,000 – Just like last year, I want to add to my Emergency Fund account.

2. Increase savings for future by $9,000– I’m planning to make this goal a priority the first half of the year. I’m hoping to increase my savings for any big items or events in the future.

3. Pay off $10,000 of student loan debt– This is to help further my goal to be debt free ASAP.

4. Open an additional retirement account– I need to open an IRA or other retirement account to supplement my employer benefits. I should have done it already.

5. Run a 10k Race– I am not runner. I repeat, I am not a runner. I ran my first 5k in 2013 and it was exhilarating. Achieving this goal will be one of my biggest achievements this year.

6. Visit NYC for the first time– 4 years ago during my semester abroad every foreigner I met asked if I was from New York although I’ve never been. This year is the year. I need to go. Plans are already in the works.

7. Take a road trip – I’m craving a bit of travel without a solid plan. Exploring a new place, getting a little lost, eating amazing food.

8. No electronics 20 minutes before or in bed.- This is my Achilles heel. I know that electronic screens negatively impact your sleep, however I am horrible about checking email in bed or having a laptop open late into the night.

9. Get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights. –This one is for my general health and sanity. I need lots of sleep to function and I need to work on it.

10. Create a second source of income.- This is back from last year’s goals. Let’s see if I can make anything happen this year.

11. Attend FinCon 2014 in New Orleans– All the real personal finance bloggers of the world gather at this awesome conference of info and nerdiness known as FinCon. It will be in my home city this year and that has motivated me to attend and take away something beneficial.

12. Rekindle an old hobby– Work and life have been excuses for staying away from some old passions. Time to get back to it.

13. Break a bad habit– I can already think of a couple that could use some work. J

13. Create a system to automate one daily or monthly task.- I love the idea of streamlining life so things get done themselves without my involvement.

14. Do something that scares me.- This will be a challenge. I don’t have anything in mind just yet.


-What are your 2014 goals?

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