A Look Back at 2013

Look back at 2013 2

2013 Goals:

1. Pay off $15,000 of my debtAlmost Pass. I paid off $13,547 dollars of my student and car debt this year. That is 90% of my ambitious goal for the year. I made all my financial goals while I was living at home with minimal expenses. Since I moved to New Orleans in July, the last 6 months of the year have included much higher living expenses and therefore I am happy for reaching 90% of that original goal.

2. Add $3,000 to my emergency fundFail. I had some unexpected car expenses pop up this year that I used part of my emergency fund for. I was able to make up those funds in my savings however at year-end my account is only roughly $1,000 higher than it was in January.

3. Add $5,000 to my future fundPass! While I was behind on this goal most of the year, I managed watch my expenses the last 6 months and focus all extra funds into this goal.

4. Move out of my parent’s house after a year at homePass! I made the big move to New Orleans in July this year and so far it has been a great new experience.

5. Go on at least 1 weekend Getaway-thinking NYC or Montreal– Pass! Instead of NYC or Montreal I had a great weekend in the windy city of Chicago over Thanksgiving. While it was mighty cold, it was still a great time right before the holidays.

6. Find a cause to volunteer withPass! I have really enjoyed Youth Run NOLA events as a running buddy this year. I haven’t been able to go to the last few events and I miss participating. I am hoping to continue to support the organization and attend events and races in 2014. I even made it into the Youth Run NOLA newsletter. This is a pic of my buddy and I running the Tipitina’s Rythmn and Blues 5K this past fall.

Youth Run NOLA newsletter final

7. Learn a new skillHalf Pass. I didn’t learn any specific new skills this year. But I did move across the country to a new city and learning about and nagviating my new city and region has been a learning experience itself.

8. Decorate my own place in a thrifty and inexpensive mannerPass!! Month by month the apartment is looking more pulled together. So far NOLA apartment has been furnished with as many deals and steals possible. I am hoping to give another update on it soon.

9. Make a plan for a second source of income/side hustleFail. I didn’t manage to create any side income this year. However, I have spent time reading and planning for the future.

10. Finally run a race-even a 5k counts for this non-runnerPass! After running the Tipitina’s Rythmn and Blues 5K with my Youth Run NOLA buddy I went on to run the Susan G Komen Race for a Cure 5k in City Park. I admit I haven’t run since then but I’m still extrememely proud of myself for completing it. The energy at the race has me wanting to run bigger and better races in the future.

In the end, I completed 8 out of the 10 goals I set to challenge myself in 2013. I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished and will work on the areas that fell short.  I’m excited to see what challenges and new experiences 2014 will be bring.


-Did you reach your 2013 goals? What kind of goals and challeges do you set for yourself?

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