Rounding 3rd Base- Q3 Goals Check In

Q3 Check In

First off, I hope I used the sports reference in this title correctly. If I did, Joe will be oh so proud of me. Though given that it is October I should have tried for a football  or New Orleans Halloween reference. I thought the pic from Jackson square looked very spooky and Halloween appropriate. :)

As for this post, while I may review financial progress in my daytime hours this time of year, here on the blog I like to review the progress of my personal goals for the 2013.

2013 Goals as of the end of September:

1. Pay off $15,000 of my debt- Behind. Roughly a month behind schedule….I have some catching up to do according to my latest debt numbers.

2. Add $3,000 to my emergency fund-  Fail. The added expenses last month (which included paying car insurance in full) put me behind schedule on this. Will work to get back on track.

3. Add $5,000 to my future fundFail. The added expenses last month (which included paying car insurance in full) put me behind schedule on this. Will work to get back on track.

4. Move out of my parent’s house after a year at home- Pass as of July!! My recent move to New Orleans checks this one off the list.

5. Go on at least 1 weekend Getaway-thinking NYC or Montreal-  As of now a Fail. I am STILL secretly hoping to go to NYC for the very first time for a weekend during the holidays this year to do all things Christmas. We will have to wait and see. This year has already been full of unexpected travel and adventures.

6. Find a cause to volunteer with- Half pass. See number 10 below.

7. Learn a new skill- Half pass. During my last check in I suggested salsa lessons as a new skill. For my birthday in September, Joe and I took a salsa class at Dance Quarter here in New Orleans. It was a blast and we really need to go back again.

dance quarter

8. Decorate my own place in a thrifty and inexpensive manner- Pass!! This still is somewhat in progress however NOLA apartment has been furnished with deals and steals. Now it just needs a few more improvements.

New Orleans apartment

9. Make a plan for a second source of income/side hustle- Fail. All the business travel for my job has not helped on this one. I need to make more of an effort.

10. Finally run a race-even a 5k counts for this non-runner- Pass! On the last update I was hoping to run a 5k at the New Orleans Jazz half marathon/5K on October 12th but it ended up not working with schedules. However, in September Joe and I volunteered with an organization called Youth Run NOLA to complete a 5K at with kids from local schools who have joined the after school youth development program. I ran/walked the Tipitina’s Rythmn and Blues 5K with an 8 year old buddy who had never run or walked so far in her little life. While the race was focused on my buddy, the energy of the race and the other participants has me itching to sign up for another one.

Youth Run NOLA

Youth Run NOLA

The whole group after the race. I felt so lucky to be a part of it.

There it is. I have a few things to work on this fall but overall I’m happy with my progress.


-How have you done on your goals? Any big achievement or changes?

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